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Piano Technology Careers

  • The highly skilled graduates of the Piano Technology program enjoy a wide a variety of careers including self-employed piano tuners, piano technicians for major universities and renowned piano builders and sellers.
  • Piano technician, principal piano tuner and technician, and manager in the piano technical services departments of colleges and universities
  • Piano tuner for recording studios
  • Owner, piano tuning and repair business
  • Owner, instrument rental business
  • Piano technician at various Steinway Piano Galleries
  • Piano technician for Tanglewood and Sundance summer music festivals
  • Piano rebuilder
  • Piano repairman/restorer
  • Consultant for a piano company
  • Piano tuner for cruise ship company.


  • How to Become a Piano Technician

  • Required Education for a Career as a Piano Repair

Courses and degree programs for Piano Technicians are available at trade schools, 2-year, community colleges and 4-year colleges and universities. The basic course curriculum for a Piano Technician student will usually include classes in piano tuning, string adjustment and instrument mechanisms. More advanced courses offer classes in regulation testing, surface restoration and rebuilding. Piano Technicians may have to apprentice in a repair workshop before they are allowed to do out of shop repairs.

  • A piano is a complex instrument that requires the expertise of a professionally trained Piano Technician to keep it tuned and in good working order. Education and training for Piano Technicians is available at trade schools, colleges and universities. With a 2-year degree, graduates can start a career as a Piano Technician or qualify for entry into a 4-year degree program. Sales and restoration are other career options for Piano Technicians.